Hi, who are you?

I'm G H O S T L I G H T 👻 - the new full service merch drop service from the scoundrels at Half Hazard Press. 

This is new, change scares me.

That really isn't a question, but we're sorry you feel that way. We think this will actually be a great way for you to connect with exclusive poster and merch drops from a variety of awesome artists and bands. Just trust us. It's gonna be okay.

Okay, that makes me feel better.

Once again, that's not a question. Can we get back on track? Look at me, now I'm asking questions. Get it together, friendo! 

Did my halfhazardpress.com account transfer over to Ghostlight?

Yep! If you created a Half Hazard Press account before 3.22.21, all of your information was transferred over. But if you make an account now, it will only be for Ghostlight. Your Half Hazard account is technically a separate account?

So, uh, can I use my HZRD Merit Points on Ghostlight?

If you want to use your HZRD Merit Points on Ghostlight drops, send us an email to info@halfhazardpress.com and we'll set that up for you. (But you have to choose: all of your points at HHP or Ghostlight)

When will my merchandise ship?

Pay attention to the details on the product page. Sometimes the posters/merch are ready to ship out ASAP, sometimes they are pre-orders.

How do I make sure bots aren't scooping the merch I want?

What's a bot to a ghost? But seriously - we ensure that every order has strict quantity limits, we have a 5 minute cart reserve, and we use captchas. 

Wow, thanks Ghostlight! You rock!

Thanks friendo. YOU rock (also that is not a question either)