Shipping 101

How do you ship your posters and art prints?

All poster orders, with 5 items or less, ship in a 3" x 24" Yazoo Mills® Extra Heavy-Duty Tube and are carefully rolled in a sheet of protective kraft paper and cushioned with packing tissue to keep it snug.

Where do you ship?

Currently shipping within the USA - Canada - Mexico regularly. We CAN ship Internationally to most regions in the UK & EU, however do to recent restrictions and issues with shipping we don't offer this as an automated option through our online store. Please reach out via email ( and we'll figure out what shipping options we can set up your custom order with. The way we see it, if you're excited enough to want it, we’ll do what we can get it to you.

Where do you ship from? 

The HZRD HQ, as we call it, ships from Central Illinois. Our brick n' mortar studio is located in the Historic Industrial District in downtown Bloomington, Illinois. We've got 5,000 sq ft of building that's as old as the township and it houses our print shop - design office - retail store - merchandise fulfillment hub - distribution center & live music hall.

How long will my order take to ship? 

With increased demand, a skeleton crew, and covid realities, we are currently shipping out orders about a week after they come in, and once shipped, you should receive it in 2-3 Transit Days (in USA). However, this is NOT ALWAYS the case, and during very large demand drops or weeks with multiple drops, additional time may be needed. We appreciate your consideration that we're not only the artists and printers, but also the shippers. And if you want the shipping time to go down, keep supporting our drops - buy merch, tell your friends, and follow us on social

Where the heck is my order tracking info?!

Ah, we hate it when that happens. Technology is the worst sometimes. But here's what we're gonna do.  First, check your email's spam folder or verify that you used the right email address to place the order.  No luck?  You can login to our online store with your email to view the status of your order.  You should receive notifications to confirm your order placement and when your order ships.  If you're still not seeing anything let us know and we'll look into it.

I got my order, and it's looking pretty rough. Did the carrier use it as a baseball bat?

Damaged order? It's always a bummer on MAIL DAY but mistakes happen and people are only human after all. The good news is you already paid for insurance in your shipping fee. Here are the exact steps you'll need to take to get it replaced or refunded:

1.) You must contact us within 15 days of receiving the order, most carriers will automatically deny any request beyond this "grace period". If you forget and send us a request a month after you've ordered, we can't help.

2.) Email us some photos of the damages and provide us with your order number. Photos help us file a claim with the carrier right away. Note: We must file the claim as the seller, if you do you'll only get refunded shipping.

3.) Depending on the degree of damage and the planned / available inventory for replacements, you'll likely be given 2 OPTIONS to resolve your damaged order:

- GET A FULL REFUND: If the damage is salvageable and you want to keep it as is, we'll file the claim right away and refund your order as soon as the Carrier accepts it. Hopefully you have better luck next time.

- GET A REPLACEMENT PRINT: If you'd like a fresh print, we'll ask you to ship back or mark the damaged tube "Refuse - Return to sender", which if it's clearly damaged, most carrier's won't argue. Once we receive the damaged one we'll retire it, have a service and bury it under the tree in the backyard. As long as we've got an extra from the run to replace it we'll "strike" the ed. number from the damaged one and "reissue" you a fresh print with the same number. You're ed. number is usually down by the artist signature in the corner of the print.

4.) All replacements are mailed within 3-5 days after BOTH receiving the damaged order back to us and receiving an accepted carrier claim. Keep in mind there may be an additional 2-3 days for shipping transit. Plan for a week.

I need to return or exchange my order! Turns out "17 rad posters" was not an acceptable business expense, and my boss is pissed.

Need to swap something out or make a return? Send an email to with your order number and the details of your return/exchange, and we'll work it out with ya.